Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bayan Baru market gets a visit from Sim

Sim Tze Tzin visited the Bayan Baru market with Mohd Rashid bin Hasnon, the Penang Municipal Council officers and JKR personnels on a walkabout to receive complains from the hawkers at the market complex.

“The state government is applying for funds from Kementrian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan (KPKT) for upgrades to make the market more disabled friendly,” Mohd Rashid said.

Sim also revealed that some hawkers had requested for lower stall rental and that Mohd Rashid will raise this issue in the next council meeting.

Sim said that the cleanliness level has improved, but encourages the public to cooperate and take care of public facilities, referring especially to blockages in the drainage.

“This will help keep the costs down,” he said.

He also proposed that the hawkers start selling organic food as those who lived or shopped in the vicinity have better income now.

After the walkabout, Sim donated 3000 books to the library situated at the top floor of the building.

He hopes to help instill the love of reading in youngsters, emphasizing on internet literacy and the importance of having access to computers and the internet.

“These books will be redistributed to four other reading corners within the Bayan Baru area,” said Sim.

The four areas are at the JKKK Sg. Nibong Kecil Kawasan D, Sg. Nibong Besar, Kampung Jawa and Sg. Nibong Pantai. These reading corners are all equipped with computers and internet connection.

In closing, Sim advised the MPPP officers to make regular rounds to receive complains from the stall tenants.
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