Wednesday, May 25, 2011


PUBLIC FORUM 4: Building Capacity in Heritage Asset Management

Public Forum: Sat, 28 May 2011
Time: 9.00am- 5.00pm
Venue: Bayview Hotel Georgetown, Penang

As owners, tenants and custodians of properties within the George Town World Heritage Site, we will need correct approaches, technical know-how and appropriate materials to maintain our heritage assets for future generations.

After years of neglect, there is a lot of 'catch-up' maintenance to be done. Large property owners, whether public bodies, institutions or private companies, would do well to understand what is involved in managing their heritage assets. Investments today will result in great savings tomorrow.
The UNESCO listing is opening up new opportunities for the building industry, building professionals, contractors, suppliers and even training providers.
All those involved need to upgrade their knowledge and skills in the service of cultural heritage management.

The public forum will address issues in common with the conservation of heritage places in George Town, Penang. These include issues such as care and maintenance of traditional porous brick structures with stucco and plaster finishes, timber framed floors and roofs, roofed with terra cotta tiles. The issues to be covered include:-

- How to care for a traditional building.
- How to recover the significance of a building that has been abandoned and neglected for many years.
- How to protect the significant fabric and finishes when adapting traditional buildings for new uses.
- How to plan for future contingencies, including threats and risks.
- Traditional materials and finishes versus modern materials and finishes
- What effects do changes cause? What can be done to counteract the impacts of change.

Main speakers:
Ian Cook - Deputy Chair, AusHeritage, principal of 3CS AsiaPacific consultancy
Dr Donald Ellsmore - principal of Donald Ellsmore heritage consultancy
Barrie Cooper - Director, Westox building products

Registration: George Town World Heritage Incorporated,
Tel: 04-261 6606,
email: .

Advance registration PER FORUM (F): RM20 includes printed materials of the forum, lunch and 2 teas.
On the spot or late registration: RM40 for forum
(There will also be a workshop on 29-30 May which is open to 30 participants on a first come, first serve basis.)
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