Monday, September 27, 2010

Bukit Gelugor: Lawyer vs lawyer

The might of one lawyer pitting against another lawyer might seem gargantuan to the public; although it is but child’s play to both Lim Boo Chang and Raveentharan, both PKR nominees for the head of division in the Bukit Gelugor constituency.

To date, Lim has sent Raveentharan four different notices claiming defamation in retaliation to police reports made with regards to an incident which occurred early Saturday morning, on the 2nd day of Raya at Sungai Dua, Penang. Guang Ming, a Chinese daily is also recipient to a notice of demand for allegedly publishing defamatory statements about Lim.

While Lim resorted to legal means, Raveetharan sought police intervention.

2nd day of Raya

Escalating tension and provocation by some Malay youths led to a gang fight which resulted in bodily injuries, four burnt motorcycles and the destruction of a recently erected hut that cost about 14K.

According to Mahindren A/L Muniandy, the Raya open house was organized by some Indian Muslim youths at the JKKK hall in Hamna. Lim and his wife attended the function together but left at around 9.30pm.

“The Malay youths threw taunts at us. However, I was not around to break the fight as I was already in police custody”, Mahindren lamented; while the big fight broke out at around 1am. Mahindren is a prospective candidate contesting to be a committee member in the division.

On the other hand, Raveentharan lodged a police report based on how he was being informed of the incident. Although privileged and confidential, Lim managed to lay hands on the police report and in turn filed a notice of defamation against Raveentharan.

“He had accused me of being drunk, and claimed that when the police arrived, alcoholic drinks and gambling apparatuses were found in the premises. I had left earlier and do not know anything about it”, emphasized Lim.

Although Raveentharan has instructed his lawyers to reply to Lim’s notices, he retorted that he was not affected in any way.

“These notices are going to end up in the rubbish bin”, he said nonchalantly.
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