Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Press Statement by Baljit Singh

Be realistic and stop playing politic

Penang Gerakan does not support nor condone the plans of the Malaysian
Historical Society (Kedah) to seek the return of Penang to Kedah.

Penang is a State of its own within the Federation of Malaysia. The society’s
plans are not realistic and may open a “Pandora Box”. It may also give rise
to other claims including Thailand claim over several states in Malaysia.

The society’s action is neither realistic nor accepted by Malaysian
especially Penangites. It is also alarming that the Pakatan Rakyat state
government in Kedah have actually admitted writing the letter to the
Federal Government.

The question now is whether Penang chief minister knew about it and
whether he also supported it. It would not be surprising that Lim Guan Eng
would now claim that he has no knowledge about the letter and act like
a “hero” rejecting the society call.

Let’s watch another plot unfold.

Baljit Singh
Legal and Human Rights Bureau Chief
Penang Gerakan
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