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Dr. Joyce Lee's Response to Show Cause Letter

8 March 2011

Dear Disciplinary Committee Chairman Dato’ Dr. Tan Kee Kwong

RE: Response to Show Cause Letter

Your Ref: SUA2011/SKR/JKD/0356

In response to your show cause letter dated 7 March 2011 about the alleged statements I made on Facebook that hurt the image of Party, Ketua Umum, Deputy President and Central Leadership Council (MPP).


First of all, Facebook is a social network site for friendship, common interest, beliefs, knowledge sharing, and Facebook friends are by invitation only. The conversations I had on my Facebook wall with families and friends are similar to the private conversations I had at my house. Is it logic for PKR to ask all its members to officially explain every private conversation they had at their houses eavesdropping by someone outside the window? In which eavesdropper seldom hear anything good of themselves.

Statements I made on Facebook

“Azmin is anak angkat Mahatir, he has never stayed away from UMNO in terms of connections, so to enjoy “money” dropping from the sky…”

This is a fact that Azmin Ali is the adopted son of Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali (the wife of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad), and there is closed tie between the family of Azmin’s father and the family of Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali. Can Azmin Ali explain his imported car business which is still in operation till now, in which APs are only given to the selected few in UMNO? Why there is no one (even UMNO) makes noise about Azmin to continue enjoying APs and to continue with his imported car business?

“90% of MPP are without credibility that won because of jumped on the dirty bandwagon of Azmin. Anwar could turn 2010 PKR election as a milestone in the Malaysian political history, but he choose to make it an universal laughing stock because of Azmin. Big price to pay!”

The fact that there is fraud renders the whole election process a sham. MPP Christina Liew mentioned the irregularities in the polls in several Sabah divisions (Malaysiakini dated 12 November 2010, Press conferences were hold and memorandums were submitted by Mustaffa Kamil Ayub, Chegubard (Badrul Hisham Shaharin) and Dato’ Zaid Ibrahim (Malaysiakini dated 12 November 2010,, in which President Dato’ Seri Dr. Wan Azizah promised malpractices in the party elections conduct would be thoroughly probed (Malaysiakini dated 12 November 2010, Even Ketua Umum Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim admitted flaws in polls and vowed sweeping probe (Malaysiakini dated 28 November 2010, During the PKR congress in November 2010, Secretary-General Saifuddin Nasution said that the report on the investigations on the allegations would be made two weeks after the congress (The Sun Daily dated 27 December 2010,, in which we’re still waiting for the report.

“Why should PKR members bother about their KPIs? Seeing the fact that PKR Deputy President “menang by tipu”, PKR Election Director, PKR Parliamentarian Whip, ADUN Bukit Antarabangsa, MP Gombak, Ketua Cabang Gombak cum PPN Selangor didn’t even pass his KPIs.”

How can someone like Azmin Ali who flunked his own KPIs, accused of being aloof and lacking the grassroots’ touch be effective in constituency service and grassroots rapport, as well as be leadership by example? (Free Malaysia Today dated 21 February 2011, PKR has a pool of qualified leaders. We need rational explanation from top leader why non-performing Azmin is appointed with so many important party posts? Also, please study the feedback of many blog news readers, PKR members and Azmin’s constituents about the bad public perception he has.

Deterioration of Party Image

I would like to stress that as a member of ADIL since its inception, what I said/say is purely due to the love for our Party and Country, as well as the passion to bring about real change for the betterment of Malaysian politics. I am not against the Party, but I indignantly denounce the selfish and wicked individuals/leaders that damaged the party’s image and wrecked the Hope of the People. Can MPP make impartial and appropriate group decision when it contains so many individuals who played tag together each other in obtaining the MPP posts by fraudulent means during the party election? Therefore, the quality and credibility of the existing MPP and the so-called collective party leadership are seriously in doubt. This will definitely have a detrimental effect on PKR/PR, because we can’t expect the majority one-sided MPP to field vetted and credible candidates for GE13, especially if there is no proper implementation of Candidates Selection Criteria and KPI ratings. We can’t see the leadership lineup formed after the notorious party election can help to clean our Party’s name in producing many frogs and non-performing YBs.

To say again, the Facebook comment is similar to private conversation with friends, and my opinion was not targeting the general public. It should not, therefore be considered an offence as it would be if I gave a press conference, appeared on TV or wrote to a mainstream newspaper. So, on what ground I am accused to deliberately damage the image of Party?

Culprits who actually damaged the Image of Party and the unity of Members:

1) Zuraida Kamaruddin

Talking about Facebook, what action has been taken on Women Chief Zuraida Kamaruddin so far (she used MCMC, an UMNO agency to oppress our own PKR member by curbing freedom of expression on Facebook)? Ketua Umum Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his email reply dated 3 December 2010 suggested Zuraida to be referred to Disciplinary Committee (please find the attached copy of the email communication).

Also, what is the disciplinary action taken on Zuraida for instructing her agents to unethically “misplace” many MATWC Meeting Minutes and MPWP 2010-2013 candidates’ nomination forms (please find the attached complaint letter of Wanita Cabang Batu Kawan to Central Elections Committee Head Dr. Molly Cheah, c.c. Secretary-General Saifuddin Nasution dated 14 October 2010)? Further to that, did Disciplinary Committee take action on Zuraida for openly sabotaging a free and fair party election and her blatant lies to the media that she won the Women Chief post without contest on 15 October 2010 (attached herewith copy of Nanyang Siang Pau) before the nomination dateline 16 October 2010? In actual fact there were four qualified Women Chief candidates and a 3-corner-fight for the top Women Wing post.

2) Azmin Ali

Azmin Ali has vowed to start his witch-hunt instead of calling all party members to close rank right after “winning” deputy presidency unofficially (Malaysiakini dated 22 November 2011, What is the disciplinary action taken on Azmin for going to the media to openly damage the image of Party, as well as to demoralize and disunite the party members?

3) Mansor Othman

Vice President Mansor Othman told the media that PKR has started its spring cleaning to clear all the dissenting voices before the forthcoming general election (Nanyang Siang Pau dated 25 January 2011). Even my name and photo was published in the January’s paper suggesting I would be one of them to receive show-cause letter, in which I actually received it now in March. Is this the pre-planned witch-hunt as Azmin and gang vowed to? Also, it is another blatant example of going to the media to divide party members and to injure party’s image. Any stern action is taken on Mansor Othman?

All in all, it is no exaggeration for Party members to call Azmin and gang hypocrites and arrogant asses, after all the damages they have done to our beloved Party. Don’t tell us no action taken on the evildoers associated with the party election frauds, witch-hunt and disintegration of party forces before GE13 is a “deal” and an overture to push PKR/PR to electoral doom? I hope party leadership can also explain the alleged “deal” between PKR top leader with Prime Minister Najib Rajak to stand acquitted on the charge which is widely spreading now.

PS = I believe Dato’ Tan can understand the contents of Nanyang Siang Pau and can help to translate to the Disciplinary Committee Members.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Dr. Joyce Lee Yueh Choo

c.c. Secretary-General Saifuddin Nasution
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