Thursday, March 3, 2011

'Teohlogy' arrives in Penang

Ex-Radio DJ Patrick Teoh was at Gurney Plaza, Penang last weekend to promote his newly launched book called “Teohlogy, the word according to Patrick Teoh”.

‘Teohlogy’ is a compilation of articles that Patrick wrote for the “Off-The Edge” column about six years back. Written from a first-person’s perspective ala Patrick Teoh, ‘Teohlogy’ is unabashedly penned with wit, sarcasm together with a liberal amount of stinging humour. A book reviewer described the book as ‘ascerbic’.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng dropped by to congratulate Patrick for his book. When the representative from Popular Bookstore pinned an orchid corsage onto the shirt of the CM, the100-odd crowd responded just as directed and rehearsed by Patrick: “Huwah… so cute!”

During his speech, Patrick commented that Penang had become so clean and nice that he felt like he was in a different country the moment he crossed the Penang Bridge. Just as Patrick was praising the Chief Minister for his good management, the crowd rose to give the CM a standing ovation.

Patrick also expressed wishes to sell enough books so that he could purchase a piece of property here in Penang.

“Penang property prices are so expensive,” he quipped.

Comparing his sales to a book that Dr. Mahathir just released, he revealed that Dr. M had managed to sell 40,000 copies to date, whereas he targets to make the millionth mark.

‘Teohlogy’ is a fun read to those who are interested in the local political scene.

“As you read page to page, there is a familiarity about this book. In each article, that familiarity comes off the pages because they are the everyday concerns of everyday Malaysian,” said Lim Guan Eng.

The 303-pages book is priced at RM38.00 each and is available in bookstores nationwide.
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