Monday, May 16, 2011

Press Statement on Repainting of Mahsuri Flats replying Sim by Wong Mun Hoe


I refer to YB Sim Tze Tsin’s press statement on 11th May 2011 regarding the issue of repainting of flats.

YB Sim’s statement clearly and distinctly reflects the 3 main differences between where he and Parti Keadilan’s stand and where I and my party’s stand in the issue.

(1) YB Sim confines himself to only State, PDC, MPPP and MPSP housing. We do not. We want the benefits to be extended to all other flats and apartments that deserve the same benefits. We do not want discriminatory policies.

(2) YB Sim is selfish and do not seem to want others to benefit. We want ALL to benefit.

(3) YB Sim is satisfied with the 80:20 formula for low-cost and low-medium cost. We do not. We want the State to waive this condition.

Not only have I been consistently saying that I have never once objected to the repainting of M3, 4 and 5 apartments but on the contrary, I have congratulated and even expressed my full support to the Penang State Government for making the move to repaint them.

If YB Sim wants a copy of all my previous press statement on this matter, all he has to do is to make a polite request and I will certainly give it to him. But for him to quote me as saying “They do not qualify to get repaint. How could they get to be the first to repaint?” is therefore a blatant lie. This is despicable and typical of YB Sim’s style of politicking which has caused many of Keadilan’s leaders and members to desert the Party since March 2008.

YB Sim may not realise it but he has actually lost a golden opportunity to fight for this issue on behalf of all low-cost and low-medium cost flats and apartments when he failed to bring the matter up during the recent State Assembly. My advice to YB Sim is to play less politics and do more real work.

The rakyat staying in low-cost and low-medium cost may not be rich but they are certainly smart and intelligent enough to differentiate between what is sincerity and what is an act of show, between truth and lies, and between promises and real work. Continuously politicking and condemning Parti Gerakan and me is definitely not productive and not going to help resolve the problem faced by the rakyat.
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