Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Press Statement by Chow Kon Yeow: Response to MP’s call for halt in Balik Pulau projects

Press Statement: Response to MP’s call for halt in Balik Pulau projects

Jul 19, 2011

I refer to Balik Pulau MP Yusmadi Yusoff’s comments, published in yesterday, calling for a blanket halt on all development projects in his constituency.
The state government cannot arbitrarily halt projects that have been approved unless they are found to violate the conditions set on its approval. Stop-work orders can be issued in the event projects do not comply with the many conditions such projects need to adhere to. These conditions include environmental, traffic, as well as social impact concerns. In this regard, I welcome MP Yusmadi’s concern for Balik Pulau and await his official input on the matter.
Indeed, the State Government refers project applications to local representatives for their comments before approvals are decided upon. We have rejected applications before, especially those involving hill slope development and active agricultural land. As for squatters, ‘resettlement’ is also a condition of approval.

The Penang State Government reiterates its commitment to be a people-friendly government that practices good governance. We welcome constructive ideas from all quarters for the holistic and sustainable building of a better tomorrow.

Chow Kon Yeow
Penang State Exco Member
(Local Government and Traffic Management)
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