Tuesday, January 3, 2012

S.Raveentharan helps poor students with RM100 vouchers

100 children were presented with RM100 vouchers last Sunday at BJ Kompleks to help families prepare for the new school term. S.Raveentharan had set aside RM10,000 from his allocation to lighten the burden of parents with school-going children.

This is a yearly event that has drawn much support from the community. All recipients were from the Batu Uban constituency.

The vouchers were obtained from the Kamdar store in BJ Kompleks. Families with the voucher may exchange the voucher for apparels needed for school.Apart from the 100 children, some 40 other children also received RM100 vouchers from Pusat Urus Zakat, which is also meant for school uniforms.

“This is the people’s money. It is only right that we redistribute it to deserving parties and will continue to do so in the future,” said S.Raveentharan, the state assemblyman for Batu Uban.

S.Raveentharan thanked the management of Bukit Jambul Kompleks and Kamdar for their cooperation in helping making the event a success.

“Bukit Jambul Kompleks and Kamdar are both in Batu Uban and it is easy for the parents to come here to do their shopping,” he added.

After the event was over, a special branch officer requested the contact number of the manager in Kamdar, to which S.Raveentharan stepped up to question if there was any problem in giving out welfare to the public. The officer replied in the negative but stayed around until everybody went back.
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