Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RM50 million slash for Chinese schools nationwide is discriminatory

Press Statement by Carolyn Khor, Ketua Komunikasi Wanita Keadilan dated 22 December 2015

RM50 million slash for Chinese schools nationwide is discriminatory

MCA should be ashamed of themselves for supporting the RM50 million slash for Chinese schools nationwide ever since the 2013 general election. Heng Seai Kie should know that the allocation comes from the taxpayers not BN, and there is no excuse to penalise Chinese voter’s children just because the electorate wanted a clean and fair government.

If slashing 50 percent funding to Chinese schools is realistic like she said, then how realistic can it be when only BN voters pay taxes? It is simply low to suggest that it is realistic for Chinese children to suffer just because of incompetent politicians like herself and MCA who support the BN government’s decision to do so. As a BN component party, MCA should have protested against the RM50 million cut.

With dwindling support for MCA in the Dewan Rakyat, it is clearly a sign from the community that MCA is no longer relevant. As revealed by Heng, 15 percent Chinese voted for the opposition. What has MCA done for the 15 percent? Unfortunately, what the 15 percent Chinese received was also the RM50 million reduction in funds to schools.

This is not the way to punish patriotic citizens who voice their dissatisfaction though the ballot box. Withholding funds or slashing financial allocations is blackmail and blaming the electorate for exercising their rights. If funds can be used as a means to win votes, then how is it not considered bribery? MCA should not promote bribery.

Fishing votes by promising goodies has become the norm in Malaysia. It is an unhealthy practise that should not be encouraged.

That said, the RM50 million allocated to 1,692 Chinese schools pales in comparison to the RM1.1 billion allocated to the PM's department.

Why are Chinese schools being discriminated against? After nearly 60 years after Merdeka, the allocation is a measly RM50 million and the Chinese are still being accused of being cheats, liars and pendatangs. What is MCA doing about it?

Sarawak does not need MCA to bribe them with goodies and false hopes. With the state elections near, will BN be using the RM2.6 billion to do programmes in Sarawak? Where is the RM2.6 billion?

Wanita Keadilan has always been wary of such lowly tactics used by the BN government. We also know the importance of a good education for children. Therefore, through our MPs in the Dewan Rakyat, we will continue to be vigilant and fight for every Malaysian’s needs and rights and especially for our future generations.

Carolyn Khor 许彩贞

Ketua Komunikasi Wanita Keadilan
Exco Wanita Pusat
Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Saturday, June 13, 2015

If I were Bunya Jalong...

If I were Bunya Jalong... by Carolyn Khor

I was acquitted. Thanks to Augustine Liom and the honorable judges. I did not think it would be that easy actually. Besides, the law is on my side and I have nothing to fear. Having fathered a son at 60 years old, I must say that I am rather proud of myself. After all, how many men my age is still as virile?
Admittedly, I must say that the DNA tests are actually favourable to me. Since it is proven that I am the father, I believe that I have rights over my son. Let me see, that includes access and visitation rights, rights to decide on his upbringing and future, rights to decide his religion and education, etc,…How about joint custody? Of course, they will be asking for child maintenance, but hey, how much can you get out of a father who has none or not much to spare?
Even if I have any money, I will again, seek Augustine Liom's help.
I have also planned out my visitation hours where I will spend time getting acquainted with my son. Of course, I will share with him all that I know about his mother too, the 15 year old girl whom I had the privilege to be close with. How sweet that would be. For the next 18 years, at least, I will have the entitlement as a father to be with my son. How much better can it be when his mother and family will have to be constantly in touch with me and be reminded of my contributions?
And what if my son's mother and her family feel offended by my presence? I guess they just have to bear with it. Nobody can seek maintenance and deny the father's right to see his son. That would be very unjust, would it not?
Ahh.... I can visualise it now. I do not even have to marry my son's mother. Probably a petty amount would suffice to maintain my rights as a father. Rights, rights, rights.... Thank God for man-made laws.
Carolyn Khor is a freelance writer who writes in her free time. The above piece is meant to sympathise with the victim of Bunya Jalong. She hopes that the victim's family will consider forgoing child maintenance and apply for a restraining order against the acquitted rapist instead.