Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bebas Lim Guan Eng

The arrest of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is totally shocking as well as heartbreaking to those who have been supporting his administration for the past 8 years. This political persecution is a big blow to the opposition leaders but is even far more damaging to the overall morale of opposition supporters. The rude manner in which the Chief Minister was treated during arrest is not justified, even with the accusations brought against him.

Firstly, he was not armed, did not resist arrest and had been cooperative with the MACC all along. Secondly, the Chief Minister should not be treated like a criminal before a guilty conviction has been passed.

He faces two counts under Section 23 of the MACC Act and Section 165 of the Penal Code.

Nonetheless, the MACC seem to be at the call and beckon of the UMNO chief. While RM2.6 billion transactions may be brushed off as a donation, the accusations against the Chief Minister pale in comparison to what seems to be an obvious play to ‘save’ the Prime Minister from all allegations especially the 1MDB scandal.

Unfortunately, BN-UMNO has all the unfair advantages and government machineries to carry out their wishes and bidding.

This senseless detention of the Chief Minister will not dampen the spirits of Penangites but rather, unite us all despite earlier differences and disagreements. This move to cripple the opposition pact is a rather desperate move on the part of BN-UMNO, especially during Ramadhan and just a few days short of Hari Raya.

I am truly disappointed at how BN-UMNO flex their muscles and unparalleled powers at the opposition pact. Voices of dissent are silenced and forced into submission, while corruption in the country remains rife and racism glorified. Political persecutions are not new to the country. First, BN-UMNO put the former opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim behind bars despite acknowledgement from the UN that the imprisonment was 'arbitrary'. The international community is well aware of Anwar's political imprisonment. Now, Lim Guan Eng is being detained. While government institutions systematically clamp down on its federal opposition leaders, the Prime Minister and his new cabinet rejoice at the pain they inflict on those who do not agree with him.

This is a sure sign of a failed democracy and a failed government with failed leadership. True strength is when a government is fair and decent. At present, BN-UMNO is despicable and very obscene. This is not how a multi-racial country should celebrate the upcoming Raya holidays.

Penangites stand in solidarity with YAB CM Lim Guan Eng.

#BebasLGE #BebasAnwar

Written by: Carolyn Khor
June 2016
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